[internetworkers] Do all DVRs require subscription services?

Sil Greene quack at ibiblio.org
Fri Sep 24 14:44:13 EDT 2004

Roger Austin said:
> One issue that seems to be true for any cable system requiring a
> set top box is that you can't automatically record multiple channels.
> For example, we have digital cable and can only record one channel
> if we leave for the weekend.

you mean, "one channel at a time", right?  i've not used a PVR, but i've
read plenty of reviews/ads/etc since this device has come out.

if you're saying your PVR can't record show 1 at time 1 on channel 1, stop
recording at a designated time (say, 1 hour later), and then at some
nonconflicting time 2, switch to channel 2 and record show 2... i'd have
to say that's a rather large disconnect between what these devices are
marketed as being capable of and what they're actually engineered to do.

> Is it possible with the TWC DVR to
> record any channel without having to set the station? (I'm not sure
> if the logic in this sentence works, but you probably know what I
> mean.) Thanks, Roger

The limitation I've seen is that you need N streams to record N different
programs at once (presuming one device that can do this, or N separate
ones).  This is the same limitation that TVs with Picture-in-Picture have;
you need inputs from two cable boxes to watch two different cable channels
simultaneously.  Time Warner, of course, is happy to sell you additional

--sil, needing a PVR like a fish needs a bicycle

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