[internetworkers] I Can Quit The Net Anytime I Want? Now Reconnect My DSL Before I Kill You

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Fri Sep 24 13:07:51 EDT 2004

On Fri, 24 Sep 2004, matusiak wrote:

> I Can Quit The Net Anytime I Want ? Now Reconnect My DSL Before I Kill 
> You
> http://www.plastic.com/article.html;sid=04/09/24/12444337;cmt=6
> Would you accept US$500 to go two weeks without Internet access? Think 
> you could handle that? Well, a recent study on internet usage sponsored 
> by Yahoo found that most participants were ready to return the 500 
> bucks after only five days offline.
> Regardless of age, household income or ethnic background, all 
> participants in the ethnographic research study experienced feelings of 
> loss, frustration and disconnectedness when cut off from the online 
> world. Users described their time offline as "feeling left out of the 
> loop," having to "resist temptation," and missing their "private escape 
> time" during the day.

Somewhere right now, there's a reality tv show treatment being written.

Steve B

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