[internetworkers] Durham for the Next Gathering?

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Alas, although the food & coffee are quite good and the baked goods
triply so, the Mad Hatter does not serve beer.  Thus, I doubt its
utility as an InterNetWorkers venue ;-)

The Fed is a bit pricey for what it is. Joe & Jo's is always good.
Buuuut - anyone for doing something really different, say, the Down
Under Pub? or invading the biker space at Charlie's? I might actually be
able to come by this month...since it's in my home haunts.

Paula the semi-lurker

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In reference to uzoma nwosu's message:
> I've lost track already.  Are we meeting in Durham?  If so, someplace
> new, Federal, or Joe and Jo's?  Any other places?

What's Mad Hatters?  Do they serve food, or is it just a cafe?  Someone
once told me I'd fit in there, "People like you hang out there."  I'm
sure she meant it as a compliment.


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