[internetworkers] Fwd: Check Your Voter Registration

Edward Wesolowski edwes at idisplay.com
Wed Sep 22 15:15:23 EDT 2004

At 02:44 PM 9/22/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>Since you asked, I'd suggest you get removed from the Wake County lists.
>This is too important an election to let something like a little
>effort on your part prevent you from voting.  That is not a critical
>statement, I'm just saying that you probably want to be sure it's
>Just my two cents.
>Lyman Green
>On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 14:40:10 -0400 (EDT), Sil Greene <quack at ibiblio.org> 
> >
> > So, here's a serious question.  The check-your-registration site shows an
> > old registration of mine (the original one, in Wake County) as still
> > active.  It also shows the new one (that I'll be using in November)...
> > active and correct.
> >
> > The question is, should I put in the effort to get off of Wake County's
> > list?  When I registered in Durham, I thought I indicated that I was
> > previously registered in another county (but I might be misremembering).
> > I assumed they'd let Wake know.
> >
> > The NC voter qualifications actually say these words: "I am not registered
> > nor will I vote in any other county or state."  This means, to my
> > worst-case interpretation, that I am not presently qualified to vote
> > anywhere.
> >
> > --s
> >
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