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>>Dear Fellow Voters,
>>Yesterday, I checked some registrations that I had given to the 
>>Board of Elections, and I found that not all of them had been 
>>processed even though I handed them in no later than the middle of 
>>August. What I also saw on the board of election site were a 
>>significant number of inactive entries.
>>I called the Board of Elections today to find out what an inactive 
>>voter is. According to the information, a voter receives 'inactive' 
>>status when correspondence from the Board of Elections is returned 
>>as undeliverable.
>>To make sure that everybody is registered to vote who thinks he/she 
>>is, I am urging you to check your own voter registration status and 
>>that of your friends and relatives at
>>	www.sboe.state.nc.us
>>And please: forward this message to everybody you know in North Carolina.
>>Karin Singleton
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