[internetworkers] BOOKS

Thomas thomas at tbeckett.com
Tue Sep 21 08:58:15 EDT 2004

Diana Duncan wrote:
> I was talking to Rowland the other day about our enjoyment of Carl 
> Hiaasen.  I mentioned that my favorite writer of that satire/crime/silly 
> genre is Christopher Brookmyre, a Scottish writer who (until now) has 
> not been available in the States.  I just checked, and you can get his 
> books here now!  Yay!
> Rowland also mentioned that we should occasionally post our highly 
> recommended books to the list with some easily searchable subject line 
> (such as the one above?).

Great topic, Diana.  I am currently reading /The First American:  The 
Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin/ by H.W. Brands.  It's a detailed 
and very engaging biography.

And so that I might have more time for reading and more money to spend 
on books, I just picked up /Getting Things Done/ by David Allen.  It's a 
book on getting organized.  An entry on BoingBoing.net led me to the 

Too bad Champeon's not on this list anymore.  He churns through good 
books and usually has something interesting to say about them.


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