[internetworkers] Mac + VPN + Windows Remote Desktop

Diana Duncan dianaduncan at contentdb.net
Mon Sep 20 15:37:39 EDT 2004

I did the same thing...and it worked for me.  How are you connecting to 
the VPN?  Are you using the Internet Connect application?

One thing, I did not specify a domain in my VPN or RDC connection.

On Sep 20, 2004, at 9:39 AM, Tony Spencer wrote:

> Hopefully one of you Mac gurus can help me out with this issue.
> I have a new Mac at home and I want to remote control my work computer 
> which
> is a Windows XP machine sitting behind a firewall.
> I downloaded the Mac client for Remote Desktop 
> (http://tinyurl.com/hjd9).
> I created a new VPN connection to my office.
> Once connected to the VPN I can ping my work computer but when I try 
> Remote
> Desktop it just times out.  The only computer that I can remotely 
> control is
> the server that is running the VPN service.
> The Remote Desktop service is working on my work computer because I 
> can VPN
> and remotely control it no problem from a Windows machine at home.
> A Few Specs:
> Mac OS-X 10.3 at home
> Windows 2000 (server that is running the VPN)
> Microsoft VPN with PPTP
> Mac Remote Desktop client version 1.0.2
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