[internetworkers] BOOKS

Diana Duncan dianaduncan at contentdb.net
Mon Sep 20 13:39:48 EDT 2004

I was talking to Rowland the other day about our enjoyment of Carl 
Hiaasen.  I mentioned that my favorite writer of that 
satire/crime/silly genre is Christopher Brookmyre, a Scottish writer 
who (until now) has not been available in the States.  I just checked, 
and you can get his books here now!  Yay!

Rowland also mentioned that we should occasionally post our highly 
recommended books to the list with some easily searchable subject line 
(such as the one above?).

My favorite recent reads (and some not so recent):

Anything by Christopher Brookmyre, but especially _One Fine Day in the 
Middle of the Night_
I'm in the middle of _Middlesex_ by Jeffrey Eugenides, which is 
_The Drawing of the Dark_ by Tim Powers - again, an incredibly 
well-written, exciting, engrossing read

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