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Don Rua rua at mindspring.com
Sun Sep 19 03:25:13 EDT 2004

There's something about the comments on this thread that brought questions to mind:

Summary assertion: The 'republican controlled' media is de-legitimizing journalism by labeling it "the liberal media".

Q: If the media is republican controlled, why wouldn't they label themselves as objective. Why trash what they own?

Q: Or, if the 'republican controlled media" is just a small percentage of media, how is it that their voice can be heard over the majority? Why wouldn't the majority of media voices effectively earn our respect by doing good work objectively, at a much greater volume than a minority group? Are the republican voices just smarter?

Q: Thirdly, it seems as if these assertions assume the masses are ignorant, and can't tell opinion from logic. I guess with Bush in office, liberals on this list would say EXACTLY!, but then what do you say when Clinton or Kennedy is in office? Do the masses become smart only when your party is in office?

Q: If people admit that there are 'right wing' media outlets doing all this nasty business, isn't it a bit naive to assume that all of the other media outlets are objective? I think that there are too many examples of liberal media bias to say the label is the fault of republican strategy. I don't need a 'cue' from the right to know that Maureen Dowd is liberal, or to question why the media still puts Carvel on screen, etc. I don't see any paper's editorial boards writing that abortion is horrible and should be overturned, so where's the right-wing domination?

By the way, for the past three months I have been working in news rooms while I hunt for a product marketing position in my area. I run production teams that put out several papers, and work with 5 editors-in-chief. While they all try very hard to make sure they don't APPEAR biased (all employees are forbidden to have political bumber stickers on their cars), I hear their true comments in the newsroom. They share their frustrations, exasperations, and political thoughts freely as they are banging out stories or looking over letters to the editor. There is NO objective media as far as I can tell, as they are all human and subject to what grabs their attention as 'newsworthy'. They try, on the whole, to be honest and fair, but they don't go looking for stories that conflict with their beliefs, and they run fast after those that align with their beliefs.

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