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Judy Hallman hallman at email.unc.edu
Thu Sep 16 08:26:30 EDT 2004

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Judy Hallman (hallman at rtpnet.org, http://www.rtpnet.org/hallman)
Executive Director, RTPnet, NC (http://www.RTPnet.org/)


Southern Rural Development Initiative (SRDI), based in Raleigh, NC is 
seeking a consultant for a short-term immediate assignment.

Scope of Work
We are seeking a power point expert to draft a 10-15 minute presentation 
for use during funders' briefings, with elected officials, with 
community leaders and others.  This presentation should be engaging and 
of high quality, as it will be a fundraising, marketing, and education 
tool.  It should make use of a mixture of graphics, pictures, and text.
Some information, pictures, articles or other materials will need to be 
collected from multiple sources, however, most will be made available by 
the project manager.

This assignment is immediate, the contract term should be completed by 

Who is SRDI?
SRDI is a regional rural development intermediary.  Our mission- rooted 
in the rural South, SRDI works to build strong, just and sustainable 
communities in places challenged by poverty and racism.  We bring and 
test new development ideas, strengthen the power of grassroots 
organizations and help unleash critical capital.  We partner with 
community leaders and organizations as they work across race, class, 
age, sector, and strategy lines.

our website address is www.srdi.org

Please reply with your interests, experience, 2-3 references, and fee 

Thank you,

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