[internetworkers] bright ideas on transferring email?

Sasha Akhavi sasha.akhavi at alumni.brown.edu
Tue Sep 14 20:15:31 EDT 2004

Hi folks - somebody must know how to do this (possibly everyone but 
me).  I've occasionally had the need to transfer email that I've 
accumulated in a client on one machine to another one.  Currently I 
want to transfer a couple mailboxes' worth from Apple's mail program 
on my wife's iBook, which we used during an extended trip, to Eudora 
on our iMac.  Previously, I've had to export all the emails to a 
single text file if I wanted to save them at all after losing access 
to the previous computer.  Naturally, then I lose any indexing 
ability, etc.  Anyone got a better idea? Sasha

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