[internetworkers] Hillbilly book covers

Joe Komenda komejo at komejo.com
Mon Sep 13 14:55:23 EDT 2004

Auugh, no url! You tease!

Joe K
Michael Czeiszperger wrote:
> And now for your afternoon time-wast'n pleasure, a site of "hillbilly" 
> book covers, with such titles as:
> Backhill Sinners - a lusty, uninhibited novel about the passions and 
> drams, the laughter and tragedy of American's backhill sinners.
> Backwoods Tramp - She knew what she wanted-- a man to take her away from 
> the dirt road and one room shack she called home.
> Backwood Girl - An exciting story of passion in the hill country.
> The also have collections for other genres as well, including film noir, 
> lesbian, science fiction, etc.
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