[internetworkers] IP, desktop videoconferencing

Edward Wesolowski edwes at idisplay.com
Mon Sep 13 08:38:58 EDT 2004

I think I sorted out a solution for the feedback challenge. I'm just going 
to use an ear bud (Duh!) to listen. I've got an inexpensive (read cheap!) 
mic. We'll see how all this work. I'm trying to set up MSN. We'll see how 
all this works.
Ed Wesolowski
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You need 800 kbps clear channel for 30 fps video with h.323.  Intel Proshare
is what I had used around 1998.  I don't know what is on the market now,

Good luck,


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>Has anyone had experience with desktop videoconferencing?
>I'd like to gather some information before before I dive in!
>...you're welcome to respond offline.
>Ed Wesolowski
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