[internetworkers] CMS & project management

James Dasher jdasher at ibiblio.org
Sun Sep 12 10:44:05 EDT 2004

While I'm at it:

I've been working on a Web-based project management system for my 
employer.  I've got two different systems installed for testing.  The 
one that's furthest along toward being usable (properly configured, 
modified for our needs, etc.) is dotProject (dotproject.net, I think).

Anybody have any suggestions for a free/open-source solution?  My boss 
asked me to do this as part of a larger effort to move the company into 
the 21st century.  Or, heck, even the late '90's.

Just so you know some of the constraints:

I took my iMac into the office and set everything up on there - Apache, 
PHP, etc.  But it's a Windows office environment - servers are Win2K, 
and desktops are XPPro (with a couple of 2K machines for good measure). 
  So cross-platform would be nice -- then I could get my iMac back -- 
but not necessary.

Also, ease of administration is important.  I work for an environmental 
consulting company, and my primary responsibilities revolve around 
field work and reports, not IT admin.  (Does admitting that get me 
kicked off the list?  But I'm still doing some Internet stuff, I 
swear!)  Something simple and stable would work best.

I've reviewed a number of options, googled for different solutions, and 
seen what's on offer.  But hearing from people who can discuss pros and 
cons would definitely be a plus.

Let me know what additional info you'd need to make a good suggestion, 
or discuss options.

Thanks, y'all -

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