[internetworkers] A-Dubya-O-L

Thomas thomas at tbeckett.com
Fri Sep 10 22:51:49 EDT 2004

I didn't see Dan on TV either time.  I get all my news from the Internet!

This ANG document situation is very strange.  A couple of them seem to 
be authentic and undisputed.  The "CYA" document is a puzzle.  If it is 
a forgery, why would it be such an obvious forgery?  If it is a forgery, 
why has the White House apparently acquiesced to the validity of its 
content (and not directly disputed its authenticity)?

And where did these documents come from?  I recall reading that they 
were provided to the AP in the course of a FOIA lawsuit.  Well who 
provided them?

Why hasn't someone just asked Killian's CO if he was indeed getting 
pressure to "sugar coat" Bush's evaluations?  The man is still alive.

It is easy to see who is harmed if the CYA document is real.  But who 
benefits if it is an obvious forgery?

I have no opinion about the validity of the CYA document.  Like I said, 
it is all very very strange.

It does tend to distract one from a specific question:  why did Lt. Bush 
avoid the medical exam that he was given a specific written order to have?


James Dasher wrote:
> No commentary on Document Dan's performance?  Or why he felt he needed 
> the follow-up?
> Regardless of the partisan angle, though -- as in, were the 
> re-re-re-introduced charges true -- I'm doubly surprised that his 
> lambasting of people who use the Internet to find or publish information 
> didn't push a few buttons on this list.
> Unless we're dropping the "internet" from the name, and we're just going 
> to call ourselves  "Workers" - "W" for short, natch.
> Laugh!  It was funny.
> Cheers -
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