[internetworkers] recap: where to find jobs

Heather Hesketh heather at hesketh.com
Fri Sep 10 11:54:25 EDT 2004

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question about where you have the 
best luck looking for jobs. It is helpful in directing my company's 
recruitment efforts. Here is a recap of what was shared with us, in case 
anyone else might find this information helpful:

* Networking was tied with recruiters. So, if you're an employer or HR 
executive, it could be well worth your time to attend events like ING.

* Staffing agencies or recruiters was tied with networking - specific names 
shared were Jill Kuhn at Randstad, Justin Berg at Robert Half, and Dan 
Scocca at Act1.

* jobs.triangle.com

* www.trianglejobs.com

* dice.com

* monster.com - got 3 recommends, with one caution that their former 
employer got 500+ responses, with maybe 2% of them qualified.

* careerbuilder.com

* www.flipdog.com

* www.raleighhatchet.com - This was is a stretch, but could be good for the 
demographic of "hip, techie, literary crowd."

* STC has a job bank: http://www.stc-carolina.org/jobs/weeklyjobs.shtml


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