[internetworkers] TriLUG meeting: TODAY: Creative ways to void your Wireless Router's Warrantee]

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Subject: [Trilug-announce] Creative ways to void your Wireless Router's Warrantee
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Our next TriLUG meeting will be presented by Shane O'Donnell.  He will
demonstrate how to load a custom firmware to a Linksys WRT54G Wireless
Access Point/Router.  Shane will show a few different "distros" that run
on the device, as well as how to load it, and how to set up a cross
compile environment for rolling your own.  Very geeky stuff.

As an added bonus, Shane will do all of that while standing on his head.

Shane, if I've misrepresented your presentation at all, I blame Jeremy

The meeting will be Thursday Sept 9, 2004 at 7:00 PM in Dreyfus
Auditorium at RTI in RTP.  For directions see
http://www.trilug.org/dreyfus_directions.php.  Doors will be open at
6:30 PM.  Pizza and soft drinks will be provided courtesy of  Wiresnap,
a division of Celito Communications Inc.  (http://wiresnap.com).

Meetings are free and open to the public, but if you want a seat, plan
to get there early or bring your own.

Also, don't forget that our next InstallFest is the 18th.  See the web
site for more information.

TriLUG PR Geek

Other upcoming events:
October Meeting: Linux and Security by Mike Johnson
October Class: Apache Mini-Course

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