[internetworkers] University of Nigeria - DHMO

Alan MacHett machett at ibiblio.org
Wed Sep 8 12:48:31 EDT 2004

In reference to David Minton's message:
> I enrolled in Subliminal Seduction (400) at U of N, but got hooked on the
> DHMO, the most addictive substance known to man:
> http://www.buydhmo.com/

Matusiak will back me up on this; I'm pretty sure I'm "immune" to DHMO. 
Now, I realize that I /have/ to have it, but I'd really rather not.  Just
ask Dave.  For something that's supposedly tasteless, I really can't stand
the taste.

Now, caffeine on the other hand...  I am without a doubt addicted to that.
 If only I could get it without the DHMO additive...  intravenous would be


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