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See the full Job Posting at the website:

    Company Name: Durham Technical Community College 
    Company Website: http://www.durhamtech.edu/ 

    Job Title: Programmer Analyst/Back-up Unix Systems Administrator
    Job Description: Duties and Responsibilities:
The programmer will
      gather and analyze information for the purpose of
modifying existing
      systems and developing new applications to meet the
needs of the
      end-user. The programmer will take that information and
design, code
      and implement system changes as required. Documentation is
      of all programs developed, and training of users may also
required. The programmer also acts as Back-up to the
Administrator in the performance of the their duties
      supporting the
Administrative systems.=20

More specifically the
      duties and responsibilities are as follows:

1) Understand
      thoroughly the CIS software provided by the North Carolina
      College System, analyze its capabilities, and enable users
maximize it to the fullest.

2) Define requirements for changing
      the current system when the needs
are critical to the functioning of
      the college and cannot be met through
the current software

3) Develop and review program specifications.

4) Modify
      existing programs as needed to adapt to changes in the

5) Develop accurate and efficient computer

6) Test all systems, implement, and train users to insure
      that programs
work properly and meet the users' requirements.

      Prepare system documentation.

8) Assist the college during the
      registration process.

9) Fulfill administrative reporting

10) Contribute to departmental and college goals and

11) Communicate effectively with the department
      managers and end-users
to understand needs and to resolve system

12) Collaborate with staff to solve problems and find
      creative solutions
for needs of users.

13) Be able to operate and
      administer primary administrative systems
function as the backup to
      the primary system administrator/operator

14) Be an effective team

15) Other duties as assigned by department head, chief
      division officer,
and/or the president.

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