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> There's a Carhart retailer on NC55 just south of NC54, although I
> haven't ever been in there. 

The name of the place is Paynes Power Tools.  It will be on the right going 
south on 55, a little past the ABC store, remember you are going to Paynes not 
the ABC. 

A great place to ogle construction grade tools of all kinds as well as 
clothes. Allow plenty of time. Grunting, aka Home Improvement,  is allowed, but be 
professional. Puns involving the word "tool" are not allowed.

I personally would favor golf rain gear with some sort of space age fibers. I 
have a set of rain pants which I pull over my dress pants and largish rain 
windbreaker. Buy a set one or two sizes too big. They are very lightweight and 
pack in to a small tote sack. I use them for camping and hurricane travel as 
well as golf. The issue with rain gear of any sort would be its ability to let 
moisture inside get out. The Carhart products are first rate but lose their 
repellency with washing. 

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