[internetworkers] waterproof pants

matusiak dave at matusiak.org
Tue Sep 7 13:30:53 EDT 2004

hey INW listers --

anyone have the inside skinny on some good weather-fighting garments?  
it appears that North Carolina will never be anything but rain-soaked 
and moist.  as a local worker who telecommutes on foot (sometime on 
bike), it sucketh mightily to always spend the day "drying out" while 
resisting ever going outside the building.  thus, i'm looking for some 
items (specifically pants & shirts) that might stand up better to the 

i know REI exists to satiate this desire, but most things i see there 
are designed for the ultra-fit, 2% body fat rock climber.  is there any 
hope for a "big boned" individual to find some decent pantaloons that 
keep the wet out?  will i be doused forever?  style-wise, i'm looking 
for something like a basic khaki that won't turn into a dark brown, 
body-clinging mop once its seen a few rain drops.

anyone had any good experiences?  seen any good infomercials related to 
many thanks!
dave m.

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