[internetworkers] online database

Kurt Schlatzer kurt at kurtschlatzer.com
Mon Sep 6 22:23:28 EDT 2004

Thomas wrote:
> This is appalling!
> http://www.license.shorturl.com/

Before I fell for this, I took a look at the source code and found this to
be the real URL:

The copyright at the bottom references "DriversLicenseSearch.com" which, if
entered in a browser, redirects to:

If you go to the forementioned address, you'll find this:

"Drivers License Search  
Trick you friends into believing they can do searches for people's driver's
license photos online. When your friends fall for this prank by trying to do
a drivers license search, we will automatically email you to let you know
they fell for the prank."

...and spam them now that they have collected their email addresses. Good


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