[internetworkers] Re: republican email

Lee Haslup biglee at haslups.com
Sat Sep 4 23:13:30 EDT 2004

Lance A. Brown wrote:

>>From: "Shepherd, James B OMEMS" <ShepherdJB at exch-gwy-0.redstone.army.mil>
>Ya know.  There are rules about how government owned computers can be
>used, especially for things like partisan politics.
Would that be government computers such as the one that delivered your 
message to my ISP?

 >  Received: from [] (helo=happyhouse.metalab.unc.edu)

>  There are also fun rules of conduct for government employees.
Indeed there are and they usually include considerable latitude for 
using personal email accounts to express ones personal opinions, 
especially at educational institutions like the University of North 
Carolina (UNC) or the Ordnance Munitions & Electronics Maintenance 
School (OMEMS) 


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