[internetworkers] MS opens music store

Ian Meyer ianmeyer at gmail.com
Fri Sep 3 11:57:15 EDT 2004

I've got to say that I'm the same way...

I've bought a couple albums from the iTMS, but it was right after I
went to a concert from that artist, so they already got the money from
that, and a couple singles, but they were exclusives, but for buying
other music, I still go down to Schoolkids...

No matter what, its nice to have a physical CD that I own and can put
my hands on, instead of just owning a chunk of data with nothing more
to it...


On Fri, 03 Sep 2004 10:51:16 -0400, ron thigpen <ron at fuzzsonic.com> wrote:
> Michael Czeiszperger wrote:
> > Anyone out there buying tunes from Microsoft?
> Nope.  For stuff I really care about I still buy CDs.  They come with
> their own backup.  Other benefits: Artwork.  Liner notes.  No DRM (that
> I will buy).  Flexible in terms of compression formats.  The only
> drawback is storing the physical artifact.  Looking forward to getting
> them all ripped losslessly and available on the home network.
> I do check out lots of new stuff on the eMusic service.
> Of course, I also still buy a lot of vinyl.  And now that some of my
> favorite labels are on eMusic, I can have it both ways w/o the pain of
> vinyl digitization.
> --rt
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