[internetworkers] MS opens music store

Michael Czeiszperger michael at czeiszperger.org
Fri Sep 3 10:57:01 EDT 2004

On Sep 3, 2004, at 10:51 AM, ron thigpen wrote:

> Nope.  For stuff I really care about I still buy CDs.  They come with 
> their own backup.  Other benefits: Artwork.  Liner notes.  No DRM 
> (that I will buy).  Flexible in terms of compression formats.  The 
> only drawback is storing the physical artifact.  Looking forward to 
> getting them all ripped losslessly and available on the home network.

Hey, you gotta back up your computer anyway :-)

Because of the huge convenience I'm now buying from iTunes first, and 
only then looking for a CD.  The sheer storage requirements of CDs has 
become a problem, and I'm loath to add any more.  There's two towers of 
CDs in the house, and the rest were boxed up and are being stored at my 
michael at czeiszperger dot org
Chapel Hill, NC

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