[internetworkers] RSS feed on ASP page?

Kurt Schlatzer kurt at kurtschlatzer.com
Thu Sep 2 23:13:47 EDT 2004

Kelly Jo Garner wrote:
> Has anyone successfully implemented an RSS feed from various sources
> into an ASP page on IIS 5.0? I have no actual experience with writing
> ASP code but I found what seemed like a quick way to get a page up -
> see http://home.att.net/~codeLibrary/XML/rss.htm for the example. I
> did exactly as the tutorial specified but keep getting this error:   
> error '800c0005'
> /news/newsfeed.asp, line 11

Kelly Jo,

Make sure you've got the Microsoft XML Parser is installed on the server. It
is not installed by default.

If that's not the problem, send me your code (newsfeed.asp) and I'll give it
a go.

Kurt Schlatzer

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