[internetworkers] Sinclair Broadcasting - might replace mySmallville with anti-Kerry propaganda!!!

David Minton dminton at mindspring.com
Thu Oct 14 18:38:56 EDT 2004

On 10/14/04 10:08 AM, "Tony Spencer" <tony at tonyspencer.com> wrote:

>> No, seriously, though: I said I /listen/ to Rush Limbaugh and
>> /listen/ 
>> to Terry Gross.  For the most part, I believe both of them,
>> even though 
>> they're both highly partisan.
> Ditto.  I've tried listening to Air America but the political commentary of
> Chuck D and Janeane Garafolo left a bit to be desired.

Try giving some of the other shows a try then. Unlike the EIB Network, which
only has one program, the Air America Radio Network has twelve
programs--Unfiltered, and The Majority Report are only two of them. Try
Randi Rhodes--she has been doing political commentary on the radio for


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