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zman zman at shell.neverwhere.org
Wed Oct 6 13:08:48 EDT 2004

On Wed, 6 Oct 2004, Jonathan Cox wrote:
> Hi - I'm an N&O reporter working on a story about cell-phone ring tones in 
> the workplace. People are able to download just about anything they want 
> these days, and I wonder if their choices are beginning to annoy colleagues. 
> If you have a pod mate with a ring tone that prompts eye rolling from 
> everybody in the office, or the person in the next cubicle lets his phone 
> ring incessantly while he's away, you're just the person I'd like to talk 
> with. Thanks for the consideration. Feel free to respond to me off list by 
> e-mail or phone. Thanks! -- JC

Irritating isn't even the word. I think most of these tones are awful 
sounding. Vibrate is the way to go.

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