[internetworkers] Bush comparisons to Hitler/Nazis

Paul Smith paul at foundryzero.com
Wed Jul 7 16:31:27 EDT 2004

Jeremy Portzer wrote:

> I just got in a major doghouse with a friend because I overreacted to
> her characterization of Bush as a "Nazi pretending to be President". 

	You and your friend are speaking different languages. I see where 
you're coming from: comparing somebody to Hitler and the Nazis is pretty 
harsh, no matter how much you don't like them, but I doubt your friend 
is trying to compare Bush with the bad guys from 'The Longest Day', 
'Hogan's Heroes' or 'Schindler's List', but rather pointing out 
comparisons that aren't necessarily directly related to WWII or body counts.
	Your friend might have just been trying to push your buttons... I don't 
like Bush, but I would never make a comparison like that simply because 
it comes off as an emotionally charged attack rather than valid 
political debate. However, if you're interested in understanding why 
someone might make such a comparison, I would suggest you read a 
wonderful essay by Umberto Eco called 'Ur-Fascism', and see if anything 
sounds familiar. It's probably not online, but I found an excerpt:




Paul Smith
Foundry Zero

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