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Ilan Volow listboy at clarux.com
Thu Jul 1 05:29:25 EDT 2004

On Jul 1, 2004, at 2:54 AM, Tanner Lovelace wrote:

> matusiak said the following on 6/30/04 6:33 PM:
>> Can anyone recommend an effective mosquito treatment for ~1/4 acre 
>> near a creek?
>> So far, those I've received include:
>> 1. Always have citronella burning.
>> 2. Put goldfish in nearby creek (to eat larva).
>> 3. Napalm the region.
>> I'm looking for something that doesn't always have to be burning and 
>> that, hopefully, will have minor impact on the local ecology.  
>> Someone else mentioned a device that burns gas to create heat, which 
>> attracts the mosquitos and then they are sucked in and, I guess, 
>> cremated.
>> Thanks for any suggestions!
>> dave m.
> You could try using dry ice.  Apparently, mosquitoes are attracted to
> the CO2 they produce so if you put a block of dry ice in the far corner
> of your yard the mosquitoes will go there instead of where the people 
> are.

They are also attracted to sweat socks worn for several days and 
limburger cheese. If you want to lure both mosquitos and friends away 
from your property, spreading those items around your yard might be a 
workable solution.


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