[internetworkers] 802.11b stereo receiver

Chris Grindstaff chris at gstaff.org
Wed Feb 18 16:41:00 EST 2004

Wednesday, February 18, 2004, 4:19:19 PM, you wrote:

MC> This product looks like something I really need :-)  Like some of you
MC> folks on the list, my music collection is largely stored on a computer.
MC> Its great when I want to listen next to the computer, but not so great
MC> when I want to listen from other rooms.  For example, buying a CD from
MC> iTunes and listening to it upstairs means physically burning a CD,
MC> which is what I was trying to get away from in the first place.

MC> This little gadget claims to be the equivalent of a radio receiver for
MC> your own wi-fi radio server running Windows, OSX, or Linux.  Sure, you
MC> could get an FM transmitter for your computer's audio output, but then
MC> how would you select songs from a different room? You can also plug a
MC> USB hard drive into it, and it will act as a streaming server as well.

MC> http://www.macmall.com/macmall/shop/detail.asp?dpno=340752
MC> http://www.macsense.com/product/homepod/

MC> So far the only gotcha I can see is its unclear whether it supports the
MC> encrypted ACC and Windows media files.
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MC> michael at czeiszperger dot org
MC> Chapel Hill, NC

At the various times that I've looked at such devices the one that
always gets mentioned as the best is http://www.slimdevices.com/

A link to reviews can be found here: http://www.slimdevices.com/au_news.html

Good luck and if you get one let us know how you like it.

Instead of getting one, I gave an old laptop new life. :-) I've been
quite happy with my setup so far.

Chris Grindstaff | http://gstaff.org

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