[internetworkers] politricks - Dean to bow out; Edwards's surge

Michael Czeiszperger michael at czeiszperger.org
Wed Feb 18 13:05:29 EST 2004

On Feb 18, 2004, at 11:45 AM, Ian Meyer wrote:
> the sad thing is how that was played up by the press and news channels 
> and how they used directional mics to take out all the rest of the 
> room noise...
> room noise that included LOTS of loud supporters being riled up by a 
> rousing speech and shouting out more states for him to call out...
> damn press...ruined the only candidate that could've won the 
> presidency...

I can't figure out what the deal is with the supposed "howl".  The only 
video I saw of the event was from a normal mic back in the room, and it 
looked like yer normal stump speech to me.

If the new standard is going to be you can point a parabolic mic at a 
candidate and make fun of 'em, just go to a Bush fundraiser, turn the 
mic up on full, and wait for a burp, tummy rumble, or other 
embarrassing noises.

michael at czeiszperger dot org
Chapel Hill, NC

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