[internetworkers] Jiffy Lube, MP3s, Tibet, CH Planning & DNS

brunkb at ils.unc.edu brunkb at ils.unc.edu
Wed Sep 17 13:06:40 EDT 2003

Wow, so many good topics to weigh in on today, where do I start?

I'll start with the Jiffy Lube story:  I did business there once.  ONCE.  I 
knew they were all crooks.  Now everyone else knows, too.  Now if the 
yutzes at Chapel Hill Tire down the street would just reveal their true 
colors as well!  The car inspection law paved the way for these crooks to 
get their claws into you at least once a year.  What a racket!  Kentucky 
has no inspection requirement and the cars there are (incredible, I know, 
but true) just as "safe" as here.

MP3s:  As far as artists making money, there is nothing wrong with having a 
day job.  It would not be a bad thing for America if the big money was 
drained out of entertainment and sports.  Actually, I think the bands stand 
to make more money for themselves in the long run, something that the 
no-talent middlemen can't stand!

Tibet:  I have no idea what is going on there, but I chuckle whenever I see 
a "Free Tibet" sticker on a car because it is like a badge that says 
"bleeding heart liberal," usually the sticker has plenty of company on the 
back of the car.  Avoid these cars at all costs and avoid conversing with 
their drivers--they want to do all the talking while you are forced to 
listen.  Chances are, they have no actual understanding of Tibet, either. 
I think we should free ourselves before we go trying to free other nations. 
"Free America, it's the right thing to do!"

I hope Sally gets elected, then I'll be sending her the letters complaining 
about the stoplight cameras and their utter uselessness as far as safety 
goes.  Instead of bike paths, we get Big Brother.  It's never too late for 
the Board to get rid of those cash machine robots and apologize for the 

Lastly, I have been having weird problems with my e-mail due to this DNS 
fiasco.  Mulberry has an auto-complete feature and sometimes I try to send 
a message to someone it doesn't auto-complete for, and it must be using the 
wildcard address.  Now I'm getting bounces from crazy places that I never 
sent e-mails to.  Lovely.


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