[internetworkers] still no power from CP&L....

Michael D. Thomas mdthomas at mindspring.com
Wed Dec 11 09:27:46 EST 2002

>It usually has to do with the transformer you
>are attatched to... So if you trace your lines 
>your probably notice how your grouped.

It is the transformer. I've actually become
quite an expert in the wiring topology
right around my house. What's really
funny is that we have a blinking yellow
light in our yard that has been working
since Friday night. It's one of those
25 M.P.H. curve warning lights. It's at 
the very end of one grid, we are at the
very end of another.

Someone suggested that I just patch
the house off of the blinking light.
But I think having the lights, tv,
refigerator, etc. blink on and off
like that would drive me crazy. :-)

The real problem is that CP&L is 
starting to doubt our claims that:

1) we still don't have power;
2) we don't have damage that is our

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