[TriLUG] Re: FUD alert!

Gina Norman gina at vnet.net
Fri Apr 19 12:44:27 EDT 2002

> Anyway, we need more shoe-shopping, car bashing, plumber-hiring talks

(Boy it doesn't take much for me!)

1) We *love* the Nordstrom's show department in "my" new mall:

We were intrigued when the nice man asked us where we'd like to sit and
then sent a salesperson over to us! We thought it was darling that the
salesfellow introduced himself and asked us what we were looking for.
We were charmed by the fact that he brought us back not only the pair we
selected (in our most-dainty size), but also two other -- less expensive!!
-- pairs that also fit the bill.  We swooned when he took our credit card
away and came back with a slip for us to sign, leaving us to lounge
languidly, listening to the piano.  We were besotted when he came back,
bearing receipt and shoes, shook our hand genuinely and thanked us for
coming, and told us that he'd put a little canvas tote in our shopping bag
since it seemed that we traveled a great deal and would enjoy it.  Our
hearts were won forever when we received a handwritten thank you note in
the mail a week afterwards.


2) I need to hire someone who fixes roofs... no major work, just replacing
some fallen-down shingles and reattaching some that seem likely to fall.
Any ideas?



My brain seems to have a circuit-breaker-like mechanism that, when I get
confused and befuddled by the overwhelming monstrosities of my life,
causes a default to the simplest and most pleasant of thoughts.  Like
Marshmallow Peeps.  I *like* Marshmallow Peeps.

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