[OT]: Looking for Tai Chi class or group

David R. Matusiak matusiak at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 17 10:04:40 EDT 2001

Robert --

this is *definitely* not off topic. in fact, the discussion of "off topic" 
has come up before and the consensus seemed to be that as long as it is not 
spam or outright headhunting, practically anything is on topic for INW. how 
else shall we learn about the world (err... triangle) around us?

to boot, i have been wondering about this same thing for the last few weeks. 
you were just active enough to post it. so the feedback will help us both 
(and perhaps others). ;)

and i'm certain that some folks have great info related to this, so please 
-- help us out!

hope all are well.
dave ;)
p.s. sorry i don't have any _actual_ info about your question! ;)
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