Snowed in [was Re: I'M FREE!! I'M FREE!!!]

Steven Champeon schampeo at
Thu Jan 27 16:15:57 EST 2000

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Carrie Jamrogowicz wrote:
> "Acipa Media Inc." wrote:
> > Anyone else still trapped?
> Erm, me.  I live off of Dixie Trail, towards Five Points, north of Wade
> Ave.  Yet to see a plow, though the SUVs are doing a nice job of packing
> all the snow into a 3" layer of ice on the roads.  My car failed
> inspection a couple of weeks ago due to balding front tires, and I
> haven't had a chance to get them replaced yet, so I don't think I'm
> going anywhere anytime soon.  

I just came in after trying to shovel my walk and driveway with what
amounts to a two-foot entrenching tool (a spade with a broken handle).  I
finally gave up and starting using my handy recycling bin to scoop the
snow up and pile it in a bank next to my walkway. It became a moot point
after I learned that pretty much every store in the area was closing or
had already closed at 3pm.

There's a big yellow backhoe out front now, making sure that when the
ice storm comes, there's a nice flat two-inch snowpack waiting...

checking in from Douglas St. (off Daisy).

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