Snow vs blizzard

K. Jo Garner kelly at
Tue Jan 25 01:25:07 EST 2000

OK, my housemates and I just had a brief discussion of this. I say that if
you can't see shit, the wind is blowing *and* there's thick heavy snow
coming down, then it's a blizzard. Housemate #1 qualifies blizzard as just
can't see shit, and Housemate #2 says that there has to be more than a
foot of snow on the ground. 

This snow, whilst wonderful and picturesque etc., has yet to qualify as a
blizzard for me ... but I'm used to 3 foot snows from kidhood, etc. 


On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Thomas A. Beckett wrote:
->Yeah, I think this qualifies as a blizzard.  

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