[ibiblio-announce] ibiblio migration rescheduled for March 15

John Reuning john at ibiblio.org
Fri Mar 4 18:30:40 EST 2011

The migration of www.ibiblio.org and all hosted domains has been
rescheduled for March 15.

Old migration date: Tuesday, March 8
New migration date: Tuesday, March 15

A few things have come to light recently that must be resolved before
migrating to the new ibiblio infrastructure.  Most, if not all, should
be complete by next week.  Rather than risk a delay at the last
minute, however, I've decided to preemptively push the migration date
by a week.  Hopefully, this gives all of you sufficient lead time to
adjust your schedules.  My apologies for the inconvenience.

Some of the unresolved items have come from your testing.  This means
the process is working as expected, and I greatly appreciate your
effort.  The more problems you find and report, the smoother the
transition will go.  The additional week until March 15 will give you
more time to test your sites and the ibiblio staff more time to
investigate any problems you find.



http://[your domain here].test.ibiblio.org/

login/ssh server: login-test.ibiblio.org
(the home directories are still read-only)

Thank you,

-John R.

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