[ibiblio-announce] update on ibiblio's Linux distributions server

Don Sizemore dls at metalab.unc.edu
Tue Apr 10 16:44:16 EDT 2007

   Hello everyone,

   The storage array holding most of our Linux distributions crashed hard. 
Rather than spend over $600 to resurrect 5 year-old hardware that is out 
of warranty and was beginning to show signs of failing prior to last 
night, we will be speeding up our migration of the distributions onto our 
new Netapp disks.

   This means much more space on much more stable hardware, but it will 
mean waiting until we hear back on a few small technical questions before 
we can create the volume and populate it with data.

   We sincerely apologize for this outage, and hope to have the volume 
accessible again by tomorrow.

   thank you,					919.962.5646 w
   donald sizemore, ii				919.260.4915 c
   ibiblio.org n stoof				919.962.8071 f

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