[Homestead] Chinese dog treats

Lynda lurine at com-pair.net
Sat Feb 11 15:06:36 EST 2012

So far, the list of brands with treats made in China, that are linked to pet illness and deaths are: 

*        Waggin Train: http://www.waggintrainbrand.com/

*        Canyon Creek Ranch: http://www.canyoncreektreats.com/

*        Dogswell: http://www.dogswell.com/

*        Booda Bones - Aspen Pet http://www.petedge.com/catalog/search.jsp?Ntt=booda+bone&Ntk=AllSearch&Ntx=mode+matchallpartial&N=0&Nty=1&cm_guid=1-_-100000000000000015525-_-5370059723&cm_mmc=Google-_-Product+Brands+Canada_Booda-_-5370059723-_-booda+bones&gclid=CKHNkfPviq4CFYeK4Aod9yc45w 

*        Milo's Kitchen http://miloskitchen.com/

*        American Kennel Club http://www.akc.org/

*        Hartz http://www.hartz.com/

*        Dingos http://www.dingobrand.com/

*        Beefeaters http://www.beefeaters.com/

*        Kirkland: http://www.costco.com/Browse/Product.aspx?Prodid=11002816&whse=BD_115&topnav=bdoff&browse=&lang=en-US

*        Cadet: http://www.petguys.com/dog-stuff-chews---treats-cadet.html

*        Sargents: http://www.sergeants.com/products/ProductCatalog.asp?one=1&two=103

*        Ever Pet ($$ General) http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/ever-pet-dog-food-c259760.html

*        Home Pet 360: http://www.foodlion.com/OurBrands/HomeEssentials

*        Walgreen's new brand - Simple http://www.walgreens.com/

*        TheKingdomPets http://www.amazon.com/Kingdom-Pets-Premium-Chicken-48-Ounce/dp/B001C15JCU

          If your pet has eaten tainted treats, symptoms may include: 
          *        Decreased appetite 
          *        Decreased activity 
          *        Vomiting 
          *        Diarrhea 
          *        Increased water consumption 
          *        Increased urination 

If your pet is sick and you have been feeding it these treats please report it to the FDA: https://www.safetyreporting.hhs.gov/fpsr/WorkflowTimeout.aspx?metinstance=4815A34AF656FF5D624E9F6F9F53E6E3163BDDB1. 

For now, pet owners who find the current state of this situation unacceptable are urged by animal advocacy groups to take the following actions. 

          *        Download the FDA warning here http://www.yelodoggie.com/FDA_nov11_statement.pdf, and print some copies. 

          *        If you find the products in your store, remove them from the shelf, give them to store managers with a copy of the FDA warning, and ask that the store return the treats to the manufacturer. 

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