[Homestead] Tis the Season

Lisa Kae Van Meter Perry lisakvperry at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 13:56:07 EST 2011

I'm here, too, and also miss the old list. Wish you all the best and think
of you occasionally
--usually when I'm doing something 'homesteady'. Racked peach wine last
Thursday and was
glad that both 6 gallon buckets were good this year. Last year one was pure
vinegar and I
could have had LOTS of bottles of 'artisan' fancy-schmancy peach vinegar,
but I chucked all.

Congratulations on buying your home, Ray.

We hope to sell our place next year and start over w/ something small and
Our 'big dreams' we had when we bought this place have changed. Our place
is too much
for us--particularly when we have other things we also enjoy doing (or
would rather do!)
than outside tasks which seem to have no end. Who knew that fruit trees
require so much
care? We sure didn't. Next go 'round we'd like 6 to 8, not 50.

Also, our 'cheap labor,' also known as our sons, are all but grown and gone
at 21 and 16.
We very quickly realized that our farm is harder to take care of when it's
mostly just the two of
us--and our joints aren't getting any younger. I'm sure you guys can

Oldest son moved out two years ago and is doing well on his own. Our teen
at home (still
home schooling) gently informed us that he won't hang around as long as his
brother. When
he turns 18, he aims to see a bit of the world--though he promises to visit.

My favorite holiday is coming up and I'll think of you all. Happy

Lisa (& Scott) Perry
Floyd County, VA

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