[Homestead] Shaking the grid

Lynda lurine at com-pair.net
Tue Feb 23 18:33:18 EST 2010

Well, then there's gonna be a whole lot of people that figure out they don't 
need to do two loads of laundry a week!  Bet you guys don't.  I know we sure 

I think this would be an example of the whole waste as a life style that is 

Besides, think of how fit all the couch potatoes will become if they have to 
pedal to clean their clothes <g>  Or pedal to use their computers or 
toasters or blenders or, or, or.

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From: <Clansgian at wmconnect.com>
> Correct that wringers use less energy than spin dry.  But this entry is
> quite candid about the work involved.  You are going to pedal the machine 
> for
> an hour and half (continuously) to do one load of laundry.
> Make no mistake that this is a very efficient use of resources.  But the
> family that does two loads of laundry a day will have someone on that seat
> three hours day.  Allowing for a break now and again, that's a half time 
> job
> just to power the washing machine.
> All this changes, of course, if you use less laundry. (Same with using 
> less
> electricity).
> I've used a manual powered wringer before and believe me if you are 
> washing
> jeans, you are going to break into a sweat wringing them even with pedal
> power.
> Good site.
> James</HTML>
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