[Homestead] Ideas

Sage Austin | Eureka! Design eureka at hctc.net
Sat May 23 12:44:12 EDT 2009

This is why I had to get a lawn tractor that starts with a key. Also, 
the vibrations from riding it somehow sooth my fibromyalgia. Good luck 
with a solution!--Sage

EarthNSky wrote:
> Ok folks, I need help solving a problem.
> I have trouble cranking things.  No matter how easy something is to 
> crank, my arm just isn't up for it.  On some little engines, like the 
> weedeater, which requires a short stroke pull, I am okay for a few 
> pulls, and since it usually starts on the second or third pull, that's 
> good....however, the lawnmower is another beast entirely.  The Snapper 
> mower is a snapper alright...the cord snaps back violently almost 
> jerking my shoulder out.
> How can I bypass this problem.  Has anyone ever rigged a contraption 
> that will pull the start?
> I really need to mow today and all the neighbors are gone. I have 5 
> hours of mowing to do and it looks like it will break out into rain any 
> second.  I'm frustrated.
> Bev

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