[Homestead] Seed saving 101

Keith Addison keith at journeytoforever.org
Sun Mar 1 09:59:33 EST 2009

Worth a read - Seed Saving Procedures at Salt Spring Seeds, from
Seed and Plant Sanctuary for Canada

>Greetings Bev
>Lisa Erwin has produced a useful guide to seed saving for community
>food security. Particulars about seed sources and regional growing
>notes apply to the U.S., but the guide will be useful anywhere. Free
>download - there's a PDF version here:
><http://mindspinner.net/docs/SeedSaving1-0.pdf> (344 kb, 48 pages)
>and an editable Word version here:
><http://mindspinner.net/docs/SeedSaving1-0.doc> (476 kb). Anyone is
>free to revise in order to customize the doc for a particular region.
>Hope it helps - all best
>Keith Addison
>Journey to Forever
>>I don't save as much seed as I could.  I think that in the future it
>>will be even more important to save seed, because I am increasingly
>>distrustful of seed companies in general.  I'd like to hear how some of
>>you save seed from things like the brassicas or radishes.  Do you use
>>paper bags?  How do you affix the bag? Do you bend the stem or leave it
>>upright?  How do you judge when the to put the bag on?  When I have
>>tried this in the past, I have mis-timed the seed ripening and put the
>>bag on too early.  Does anyone use plastic instead of paper?  It would
>>be nice to see the seed/flower through the bag, but I think the
>>greenhouse effect might generate too much heat and moisture.  '
>>So, if anyone is up for writing up a Seed Saving 101 tutorial, I'd love it.
>>Obviously, I save my tomato, peppers, squash, beans, sunflowers, and
>>corn seeds...large seeds, no problema.  It is the small seeds that give
>>me pause.
>>Also, I'd like to hear how people store their seeds from year to year.
>>I am having an out-of-money experience.
>  >EarthNSky Farm, Northwest Georgia, USA

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