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I don't follow politics that closely, but, again, is there evidence that he 
HAS spent all that money to keeps records sealed? I've read it in many 
places, but just because people say it, doesn't make it true. All the 
'birther' cases have been thrown out before they ever got to court, so I 
doubt he's spent much on them. I've read that the State of Hawaii sealed his 
birth certificate because they didn't want unauthorized people rifling 
through their records. How much DOES the public have the right to know? DO 
they have the right to go through non-public documents (school records and 
such)? I don't know.

I'm convinced that his birth certificate is legal and real and proves him to 
be a citizen born in Hawaii.  Obama has gotten what the state issues when 
you request a birth certificate...it is the ONLY birth document they give 
out. Hawaii no longer issues the 'long form' birth certificates, so I'm not 
sure what else he can 'show'. Pennsylvania also doesn't give out a 'long 
form'...or rather, their 'long form' is what my kids have, which has exactly 
the same info as Obama's. I apparently have Pennsylvania's 'short form', 
which doesn't have the parents' names on it...it still got me a passport.

He lived in Indonesia, and his youth and his own family are like a United 
Nations...that could explain his foreign friends. He's more comfortable than 
most with foreigners.

I was impressed again with Obama on his backpedaling with the "police acted 
stupidly" remark. The man digs his way out of a faux pas better than anyone 
I know. He is pretty good at what he does (I'm still not sure what that is). 
I'm not especially happy with his policies (I will NEVER understand how you 
have to spend money to avoid bankruptcy...it wouldn't work for me!), but he 
sure is a smooth talker.

Lynn Wigglesworth
Tioga Co. PA
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> Since we were discussing this a week or so ago, and since I know some of
> you don't read Fox, I thought I would post this EDITORIAL about the
> birther movement here.  I had not made the connection between Obama's
> college records and financial aid.  I wondered how he had been able to
> afford it, but I had not given it too much thought.  Also, it seemed to
> me that he had a lot of international friends, more than the average
> American college student of the day.  Foreign students can be
> cliquish(at my 2 year college, like Oxy was to Obama, all the foreign
> students joined one fraternity/sorority pair-and many were paired
> together as roommates if possible.) just like everyone else, and had he
> enrolled as an foreign born student, that would certainly explain all of
> those non-American roommates and friends, provide scads of financial
> aide, and explain why he his spending a lot of money covering it up..it
> is just one more piece of circumstance in the pie.
> "Can anyone explain why it is smarter for Obama to spend tens of
> thousands of dollars and man-hours defending the suits when he can win
> the lawsuit for free by showing the original documents?"
>  http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2009/07/29/tommy-seno-obama-birthers/
> It is a good question, one that the MSM should be asking/pressing, but
> isn't.
> When all is said and done, years from now, I think we will fault the
> media for cowtowing to administrations and organizations instead of
> fighting for the people's right to know.  A media backlash is coming.
> Bev
>> Obama's to Blame for the Birther Movement
>> Obama can end the "birthers" controversy in one single day by
>> releasing the original documents, but for some inexplicable reason he
>>  refuses, and the love-struck media never ask him why...
>> Trust but verify.
>> -- Ronald Reagan
>> It's good practice to take a person at his word until someone shows
>> you proof he is lying.
>> Barack Obama says he was born in Hawaii, and since no one has shown
>> any proof he was born in Kenya or elsewhere, it's OK to conclude he
>> was born in Hawaii.
>> Sure his grammar school records show that he was enrolled as an
>> Indonesian Muslim, but some people will say anything to get their kid
>>  in the right school.  It doesn't really answer the question.
>> It's OK though for others not to use my deferential standard and
>> continue to question whether Obama was born in Hawaii.  We aren't
>> talking about a 12-year-old qualifying to play Little League here.
>> There is a Constitutional mandate that the President be a
>> natural-born citizen, and if Obama is not one, he certainly will have
>>  committed the biggest fraud since the White Sox threw the World
>> Series.
>> The reason why people still question Obama's citizen status is
>> one-fold:  "President Transparency" has refused to release any
>> original documents on the matter.  He can end the controversy in a
>> day by releasing original documents, but for some inexplicable reason
>>  he refuses, and his love-struck media never asks him why he won't.
>> The media instead spends hell-bent hours on making the Birther
>> movement look like fringy, conspiracy-hungry kooks.
>> You have to admit though, even if you are a devout Obama-bot, Obama's
>>  refusal to release any original documents makes for a newsworthy
>> story by itself.
>> If he really wants the Birthers to shut up, he has the power to do it
>>  by releasing the original documents. Why not just do it then? It's a
>>  simple task. Why not get rid of a conversation that has been with
>> America since the campaign?
>> The issue is the subject of several lawsuits, which only seek a peek
>> at original documents. Can anyone explain why it is smarter for Obama
>>  to spend tens of thousands of dollars and man-hours defending the
>> suits when he can win the lawsuit for free by showing the original
>> documents?
>> By defending the lawsuits and not showing the documents, Obama feeds
>> the suspicion of those who already think he is lying.  That's why
>> this issue has the power to linger, and that's Obama's fault alone.
>> Let's look at what Obama has released, and you will see they are
>> hearsay documents and not best evidence.
>> The Birth Certificate: The certificate put on the Internet by Obama
>> and held up by the media was created in 2007.  In the lower left
>> corner of the form there is reference to a Hawaiian statute that was
>> revised in November of 2001, and if you look closely at the front you
>>  can see bleeding through from the back the date stamp from 2007 when
>>  the document was created.  It's a certification that an original
>> does exit.
>> So the the Birthers say:  "Fine.  Then show us the original."  Obama
>> says, "No."  Why?
>> The Newspaper Announcements: Two birth announcements from Hawaiian
>> local papers show Obama's birth.  The Birthers have a couple of good
>> arguments about them.  First, Hawaii is where Obama's grandparents
>> lived and it's not unusual for grandparents to announce a birth to
>> their friends, even if the grandson lives elsewhere. Also, if Obama's
>>  parents lived in Hawaii then moved to Kenya when they birthed him,
>> it wouldn't be unusual to announce the birth in the old neighborhood
>> for friends to see.
>> The newspaper announcements cut against the Birthers, but they are
>> hearsay documents and don't answer the citizen question any more than
>>  his grammar school records prove he is a Muslim. The original Birth
>> Certificate will end it all.
>> School Records:  The Birthers believe that Obama's records from
>> college and graduate school will show he matriculated as a foreign
>> born student.  This is easy -- shut them up by releasing them!
>> Obama's response?  "No."  Why?
>> This one reminds me of John Kerry not releasing his Yale records
>> until after the election.  During the campaign Kerry soaked in the
>> warm media bath that swore he was the intellectual and George Bush
>> the dolt. When the records came out later it was quietly reported
>> that George Bush had a higher grade point average at Yale.
>> Media's penchant to cover for Democrat candidates fuels the Birther
>> fire as well.  See as an example John Edwards' love affair.
>> Financial Aid Records:  Barack Obama relishes his own personal Sonia
>> Sotomayor-like story of how he came from a broken home and pulled
>> himself up by his own bootstraps.  But he refuses to show how his
>> very expensive tuition at Occidental College, Columbia University and
>>  Harvard Law School were paid for.
>> The Birthers believe the records will show Obama received financial
>> aid as a foreign born student.  Obama says they won't.  Not to sound
>> like a broken record, but releasing the records will end the
>> controversy, and Obama refuses. Why?
>> The Birther movement is Obama's fault for not releasing the records.
>> I hope the Birthers continue to bite his ankles until he releases the
>>  records. He deserves nothing less.
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