[Homestead] Has anyone heard about this?

Lynda lurine at com-pair.net
Wed Jul 22 13:05:24 EDT 2009

Did you read his book?  I did.  I began to research him *after* I read the 

I also have caught him in MANY lies.  Far too many lies that just get 
brushed aside or get the teenager dance around the truth routine -- "I'm the 
only one on this stage that voted against the war."  That would be a "lie" 
on more than one front.  a) he didn't vote against the war because he wasn't 
a Senator at the time; b) there were people on the stage who *were* Senators 
and who *did* vote against the war!  -- "He's just some guy who lives down 
the road." -- "I only sat on a board with him."  -- "I didn't get a special 
rate on the mortgage."

The guy's a serial liar and has a whole organization to handle those lies. 
He has Alinsky and DT down to a fine science and I've never seen an 
organization use race baiting with more skill.

Geez Louise, I didn't like Bush.  I *thought* he was the worst thing that 
every happened to this country.  That certainly would be obvious to anyone 
whose been on this list for any length of time.  I was ready to brand his 
forehead with "worst president ever."  I now withdraw that cause I think by 
the end of four years we are going to wish we had him back!

"Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored."  Aldous Huxley

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From: "Lynn Wigglesworth" <lynnw1366 at hotmail.com>
> I agree that transparency it not happening, in Obama's private life or
> policies. But, from what I recall, the things they dug up on Bush were 
> things in public records, with evidence or witnesses...DUIs, his record 
> with
> the reserves? National Guard? etc.
> With Obama, it seems that anything anyone writes on the internet becomes a
> 'fact'. That someone can say it would be easier to travel in Pakistan with
> an Indonesian passport, and Obama was in Pakistan, therefore, therefore,
> therefore, proof positive that Obama isn't a US citizen. It's
> unsubstantiated smears at their worst.

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