[Homestead] Has anyone heard about this?

Leslie cayadopi at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 21 18:05:32 EDT 2009

Feinstein?  Isn't that the idiot form CA who got into it with Greenspan about 5-6 years ago, and Greenspan told her first in "greenspeak" that CA needs to cut it's hand-outs and cut their budget or face bankruptcy.... and she couldn't understand what he was saying and then asked if he meant that Greenspan wanted her to cut benefits and lower government services.... He replied in plain english with a simple "Yes."  I laughed my ass off watching her get all flustered stating that CA could not possibly cut benefits and close down government jobs, and asked wasn't there some other way they could avoid bankruptcy... and he said no....   You should have seen the look on her face......  
Of course, CA didn't follow Greenspans advice, and look where they are.... bankrupt.
Government leaders should have to pass financial proficiency exams of the Austrian theory variety, IMO.  Citizens get what they ask for when they elect people who can't balance a checkbook.......

--- On Tue, 7/21/09, EarthNSky <erthnsky at bellsouth.net> wrote:

I was secretly hoping for a woman..Feinstein or Boxer or Napolitano or
Sebelius or any number of high profile Democrats.  I don't know much
about any of these last 4, just that they are women and Democratic.


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