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Leslie cayadopi at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 21 17:29:05 EDT 2009

Don't laugh at my response... just remember I'm a newbie at this gardening stuff....
Maybe you are being too "nice" to them.  :-)
I read the comments earlier in the year about how hard they are to germinate etc.  So when I when to direct sow my seed....... I put a ton of seed in thing I would be lucky if any of the seed would sprout in the designated area.
The designated area?  Desert sand, no manure, no fertilizer, planted in the corn row, no radishes (as recommended in the how to books).... The only thing I had was the irrigation soaker hose..
Germination was probably a week, but it felt like overnight.  I couldn't believe it.  There were so many germinating I spent more time thinning out extra sprouts than anything else.  For every one carrot I wanted, I must have pulled 20 (for 45 feet......)
Hence, my comment... maybe you are being too nice to them.  
My soil was awful - just sand, no fertilizer,,,, just water.   I realize now I haven't been keeping records of the temperature swings from a/m to p/m to evening.  Early May from memory was chilly (45-50) in the morning, and likely high 70s to mid-80s.  The only thing is, that since I depend on irrigation, that the seedlings did get water every morning, not directly, but water spread out towards the seeds from the drip area.
And I've got voluteers all over, so the wind must have blown some of the seed (or critters moved some seeds).


From: Lynn Wigglesworth lynnw1366 at hotmail.com


I wanted to ask if anyone knows what's the deal with carrot germination?? 
I've never been able to grow carrots, but this year my first and second 
plantings germinated and look great. Encouraged, I planted more...same seed, 
same garden bed...3 weeks and not a sign of them. Does it depend on 
temperature? Moisture? Some combination that I'm not getting right?? If I 
replant, will they all come up and I'll spend the rest of the summer 
thinning them? Carrots are going to drive me crazy.

Lynn Wigglesworth
Tioga Co. PA 

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