[Homestead] Ant in the Tomatoes AND a BIG Black Widow

Chris Clarke hstead at nc.rr.com
Sat Jul 11 20:52:39 EDT 2009

Hello folks,

Long time since I've posted, but I have one story and one question.   The question is, have you ever seen ants EATING tomatoes?   I have seen ants around the garden, but never eating ripe tomatoes.   I have great gobs of tomatoes this year, but about 1/2 have been ruined by the ants.

While working in the garden, which has grown luxuriant this summers warm and dry weather (unlike 300 miles to our north), the plants have all grown way beyond my expectation.   Stuffing the tomatoes back into their cages, and trying to keep their enveloping arms from encasing my hot peppers, causally handling the plant, I see the largest black widow I have ever seen.   HUGE... with lots ants around (ha).  Given my unexpectedly strong arachnophobia (when startled by 'em) I had a strong drink of poteen, and started to look to see if it could be ANYTHING else.   Of course, there isn't.    I keep the gloves on while working in the wood pile (where I expected to see them);  I will now in the garden as well.

Long lost Chris Clarke
Apex, NC

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